Learn About Our Modern Adhesives for Vehicle Lamination

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In vehicle manufacturing and assembly, adhesives play a major role in creating the different parts for a car’s interior. If you need a suitable adhesive solution to meet the parameters of your established bonding methods, turn to us at L-S Industries.

Learn About Our Modern Adhesives for Vehicle Lamination

We specifically offer lamination capabilities for vehicle instrument panels, center consoles, side and door paneling, and many other interior vehicle features. Our lamination solutions feature bonding materials that have high resistance to heat, which sets them apart from other standard applications, such as vacuum deep drawing and press laminating.

Additionally, our product range for vehicle lamination features a broad spectrum of different options having to do with:

  • Activation temperature
  • Initial strength
  • Edge-folding capability
  • Heat and UV resistance

Our vehicle lamination processes align with the efficiency of today’s manufacturing processes. We understand the lamination requirements of different interior vehicle parts to produce a high-quality result every time. The lamination materials we use also have high resistance to heat and fluids, are available in different adhesion and strength options, and will meet all inspection requirements put forth by the automotive industry.

If your manufacturing operation is looking for high-quality vehicle lamination solutions, look no further than to our highly experienced team. To learn more about the importance of vehicle lamination or our extensive capabilities, reach out to us today. One of our representatives can answer all your questions and help you place an order.