We can seal plastic, aluminum, steel, and other materials.

At L-S Industries, we have sonic-welders and heat sealers to adhere plastic materials together. Sonic-welding is primarily used to make totes and boxes out of plastic corrugated. We also have welding equipment for aluminum and steel.


Our sealing capabilities are extensive thanks to our experience. We have been in business for over 50 years, and since our inception, we have always looked for ways to increase our capabilities and the materials we work with. Today, we can complete custom sealing projects with a wide range of materials because of our experience and because we are always looking for new ways to invest in our operations.

If you are not sure which material is right for your sealing project, our team can help you pick this material based on your application. We proudly pass on our sealing expertise to our clients and provide a level of customer service unique to our industry.

Our sealing capabilities can also benefit many different industries. Some of the industries we have provided sealing services for in the past include document handling, automotive, real estate material handling, horticulture, aluminum and steel, wire and cable, and many others.

We keep a variety of materials in stock at all times, so we can complete sealing projects with quick turnaround times. If you have questions about our operation or want to submit a sealing order, please reach out to us today.