Laminating to Rolls

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We can expertly laminate to rolls.

Laminating to rolls is a process that involves applying a layer of material onto another flexible substrate. The purpose of laminating to rolls is to improve the appearance, functionality, or durability of the underlying material.

Laminating to Rolls

When laminating to rolls, the process involves sandwiching the substrate between one or two layers of other materials. Then, hot-melt adhesive and pressure are applied to bond them together. After the lamination process is complete, the material has extra protection from tearing, fading, and moisture.

We provide quality laminates and create exceptional reusable packaging for a variety of industries. When laminating roll to roll, we can use just about any materials, but we have in stock plastic corrugated, closed-cell foam, and other materials to use as the substrate.  We also carry crosslink foam, Evolon®, Tyvek®, and spunbond to create a non-scratch surface for different types of packaging.

We have extensive experience laminating to rolls, and we can handle the specifics of your project with ease. Simply let us know the end goal of your project, and we can suggest a lamination procedure or product that will work best for your purpose.

We would be happy to tell you more about what it means to laminate to rolls and the many benefits this process provides. To learn more about laminating to rolls and what this process looks like, or to set up a consultation with us to place an order, reach out to us at L-S Industries today.