What You Should Know About Evolon Lamination

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Evolon microfilament textiles are specifically suited for packaging sensitive parts that need to be transported from one site to another for production. These textiles feature an extremely soft, smooth surface, which protects surfaces that are highly sensitive. This textile material also helps prevent texture transfer and micro-scratches during transfer.

What You Should Know About Evolon Lamination

Another benefit of using Evolon textiles for packaging sensitive parts is that they are extremely strong. Not only can you use them for packaging sensitive parts, but you can also use these textiles to pack and transport extremely heavy parts.

Today, many industries rely on Evolon packaging. For example, the electronics industry uses these textiles for packaging flat screens. For the automotive industry, these microfilament textiles are used to create textile containers or bags customized to the shape of objects that hang on metal racks.

Textile containers made out of Evolon are ideal for many uses and applications. If you need help creating packaging for your products through the Evolon lamination process, we can help. At L-S Industries, we currently purchase corrugated plastic in large volumes and can laminate it with Evolon. During the Evolon lamination process, we can laminate the material on both sides or just on one side. We can also “roll over” the edge if needed.

We provide Evolon lamination services with short lead times and low minimums. To learn more about this service or to place an order for Evolon lamination, reach out to us today.