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Our goal is to exceed your expectations with our plastic corrugated converting capabilities.

Corrugated plastic is primarily known for its use in the sign industry. It is an extruded material and can be run in rolls as well as sheets for a variety of applications. Plastic corrugated can be extruded in different thicknesses as well as different weights. The extruder can be slowed to make the material denser and/or more rigid.

Plastic Corrugated Converting

L-S Industries converts both plastic corrugated rolls and sheets to our customers’ specifications. We carry several different types of plastic corrugated, so we can help you select the right material for your application.

Some of our plastic corrugated converting capabilities are:

  • Cut sheets and rolls to size
  • Die-cut sheets into shapes
  • Laminate various materials onto sheets and rolls
  • Sonic-weld or heat-seal plastic corrugated to expand the extruder’s capabilities or form a finished product like a tote or box

These products are used as:

  • Protective wraps – Rolls of plastic corrugated protect products like wire & cable, shipped and stored on reels, metal coils being exported, and other products needing impact protection.
  • Plastic corrugated totes & trays – Sheets are die-cut into a form and welded in place around a wire rim to form a tote, like the US Post Office tote.
  • Plastic corrugated partition sets – Sheets are die-cut to form dividers that fit together to form a partition set for transporting or storing parts. Many of these sheets are laminated with a non-scratch fabric.
  • Plastic corrugated circles – Sheets can be cut in a circle, donut, or half-moon to protect the ends of round products like aluminum coils and cylinders.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations with our plastic corrugated converting capabilities. To request a sample or to place your order, please contact us today.