A Closer Look at Our Protective Wraps and Class A Packaging

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We are your source for high-quality protective wraps and Class A packaging at L-S Industries. If your operation requires protective wraps or Class A packaging, we provide two options: fabric lamination and plastic corrugated rolls. Below, we have provided more information on each for you to review before placing your next order.

A Closer Look at Our Protective Wraps and Class A Packaging
Fabric Lamination

Class A finishes typically have the most consistent color and gloss, as well as the fewest surface defects. We provide a variety of different fabrics that can effectively protect Class A surface parts, including mirror assembles, lenses, painted door handles, chrome trim, and headlamps. A few of our Class A fabrics include Spunbound, brushed polyester, Evolon, closed-cell foam, crosslink foam, and Evolon ESD.

Plastic Corrugated Rolls

Corrugated plastic is used primarily in the sign industry, but our plastic corrugated rolls are used for a variety of applications. We do not measure our plastic corrugated rolls in thickness, but instead in product weight. For example, we measure our plastic corrugated rolls by how many pounds of plastic are extruded per manufactured square foot.

Types of plastic corrugated rolls we offer include heat-scored, double-faced, and single-faced. Many of our customers use our plastic corrugated rolls for protective reel wraps, protective export wraps, protective tree wraps, protective case wraps, and protective pipe wraps.

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