We can cut a wide range of plastic and other materials.

There are many industrial cutting techniques you can use to produce a wide range of plastic and rubber pieces and parts. Although some methods are better for cutting thicker materials, others are ideal for cutting thinner-gauge plastics and other materials. Which cutting method is right for your material and application? And which one will deliver the speed of production you need without sacrificing any level of quality?


Let us at L-S Industries provide our guidance and expertise. We have been cutting many materials for a wide range of industries for over 50 years, and we excel at fulfilling customer orders quickly and accurately. We specialize in cutting rolled materials to size, both width and length. We can also cut sheets to your specifications. Rectangle, square, circle, or donut-shape are our specialties, but we can also have materials die-cut to create a custom product for your application.

Before we finalize the plans for any cutting project, several details must be considered. These include the type of material that needs to be cut, its thickness, the production rate, and any special shapes you require. We will use the correct cutting process to ensure you receive the pieces you need to develop your product while saving time and money.

We can cut plastic corrugated sheets, closed-cell foam, solid plastic rolls and sheets, paper products, fabrics, and more. Tell us more about what you need us to cut, and we can develop a plan for your project. Contact us today!