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Pick Bins

Enhancing the organization of your facility starts by having a selection of pick bins to store things in. Pick bins, also known as warehouse bins or hopper bins, are designed to hold and organize products stored on shelves.

At L-S Industries, our pick bins work great in situations where a carboard box isn’t ideal for storing things, and they’re excellent for small part and component storage. We have several different pick bin options you can choose from, depending on your budget and requirements:

Pick Bins


Our basic pick bins fold over the front and back to lock the material into form. This option is a slight upgrade from carboard boxes (and only about a dollar more expensive). If you’re looking for a cost-effective storage bin, our basic design is a good fit.

Pick Bins


If you want something a little better than our basic design with more durability, this design features additional flaps on the front of the bin to strengthen the top flap (this is usually what ends up tearing on most bins when people pull them off shelves). These bins are about 20% more expensive than our “good” option.

Pick Bins


You can’t get any better than the durability of this design option. Our best pick bins are built with a metal wire rim around the top that prevents them from ripping. Although approximately 45% more expensive than our basic option, these units can be used over and over again without showing signs of wear and tear.

We also offer plastic corrugated pick bins that you can get custom-made to fit your shelf perfectly. Most paper corrugated and hard plastic options come in pre-set sizes that may or may not fit well on your shelves. This option is cost-effective, and we can even make bins in different colors for different products and areas.

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