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Our plastic fabrication company will exceed your expectations.

At L-S Industries, our plastic fabrication company boasts over 50 years of experience in the protective packaging industry. We have earned the trust and respect of some of the largest companies in the world by supplying high-quality materials and products based on our clients’ specific needs.

Plastic Fabrication Company

Our plastic fabrication company offers custom conversion and material fabrication solutions. This means we can cut, laminate, and seal many types of plastics and other materials. Although we are always looking for new materials and applications, we consistently work with plastic corrugated rolls, solid plastic rolls/sheets, paper products, fabrics, plastic corrugated sheets, and closed-cell foam at this time. Don’t hesitate to ask us if we can cut, seal, or laminate a specific material when placing your order.

Are you unsure of which material is right for your specific application? We can help. Up to this point, we have worked closely with companies in the aluminum and steel, wire and cable, document handling, warehousing, automotive, real estate, horticulture, and many more industries. Count on us to provide exceptional customer service, unparalleled reliability, and an unheard-of level of commitment to you as our customer when we fulfill your order.

Choose us to convert or fabricate plastic corrugated rolls, paper products, closed-cell foam, or any of the other materials we work with to complete your project. We can even convert materials that you ship to us. Contact us today for additional information about our extensive capabilities as a plastic fabrication company and to place your order.