An Introduction to Our Protective Wraps

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At L-S Industries, we provide custom protective wraps and reel packaging products, including flange liners, drum wraps, and reel wraps, to the majority of North America. We cut these products according to the exact reel specifications of our customers, and the results are helpful for protecting flexible pipe, high-end rope, and wire and cable that is either stored or shipped on reels. Here is a closer look at the different protective wraps we offer:

Light Duty Reel Wraps

  • Closed-Cell Foam—Lightweight and inexpensive, this foam offers a strong cushion against impact.

An Introduction to Our Protective Wraps

  • Kraft Single Face—This type of protective wrapping is an inexpensive way to protect your product from light impact.
  • Poly-coated Linerboard—This type of liner is most often used to give the reel a finished look.
  • Printable XF Film—This film is known for its tear strength.
  • Woven Scrim—This type of film is similar to XF Film, but it is not as rigid.
  • Thermal Wrap—This wrapping will keep heat away from cable.

Protective Reel Wraps

  • Single-Face Plastic—This type of wrapping is extremely flexible and comes in 110lb, 150lb, and 200lb varieties.
  • Solid HDPE Plastic—This barrier will show if any type of impact occurs to the facing.
  • Double Face Plastic—This is a type of 160lb polyethylene wrap.
  • Heat-Scored CableGuard—This is a type of 160lb polypropylene wrap.
  • CableGuard with Foam—This is a type of 160lb polypropylene wrap with foam laminated to the back of it.
  • ExportGuard with Foam—This 275lb polypropylene wrap comes with foam laminated onto the back of the roll.