What You Need to Know About Class A Fabrics

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At L-S Industries, we laminate Class A fabrics for sustainable and durable base packaging. While we refer to Class A fabrics all the time, it’s important that our clients know what “Class A” really means because it has a major impact on the design of our returnable packs.

What You Need to Know About Class A Fabrics

Today, hundreds of products used in a variety of industries rely on Class A fabrics and surfaces. But as an example, let’s take a closer look at the automotive industry. When you look at any vehicle, you’re going to see all kinds of Class A surfaces on the exterior, as well as the interior. Some of these include the bumper, grill, lights, seats, door pads, etc.

When someone goes to buy a new car, they’re going to look at every part of the car and the Class A surfaces to make sure nothing is damaged. If any part of the car does have damage, it’s unlikely that the consumer would continue to show interest in that particular car.

This is where our services come into play. Our returnable packing solutions can all be designed and put together with the product surface protection already in place. Whether you need plastic corrugated dividers or a divider with laminate directly applied, our solutions make sure that all Class A surfaces remain protected during transit and storage.

If you need help protecting your Class A fabrics at any point during the supply chain, we can provide the returnable packaging solutions you need. Contact us today to discuss design and place your order!