The Importance of Plastics in Conservation

The Importance of Plastics in Conservation

The use of plastics is part of what makes the world go round. Since its invention in the early 20th century, plastic has become an essential material that is used in nearly every facet of everyday life. While most of the population knows how useful plastic has become in our society, many consumers don’t realize the role that plastic has played in energy conservation. Keep reading to learn how this material is helping save energy and conserve resources.

  1. Reusability

Non-recyclable plastic is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to landfill space or ocean debris. Most consumers assume that non-recyclable plastic is destined to become litter after it has served its use. However, a new process is working to turn that plastic into usable fuel. This technology, called gasification, breaks down the plastics on a molecular level and converts the substance into synthesis gas. This gas can then be either directly burned in boilers to generate power or it can be turned into diesel or petrol. This method ensures that plastics are not single-use items and can continue to enrich our lives well after they have served their original purpose.

  1. Structure Insulation

When it comes to saving energy in your office building or home, insulation is key. Cold air leakage or insufficient heat-trapping are the key reasons your energy use increases during the changing seasons. Plastics play a major role in indoor energy conservation by providing insulation and leakage protection. On average, plastic insulation materials consume about 16% less energy than the leading alternatives. The use of efficient materials and proper installation ensures you’ll save on your energy bill and help conserve resources.

  1. Benefits of Lightweight Design

Imagine there are two boxes in front of you: one metal and one plastic. You fill each box with identical materials so the inside contents weigh the exact same. Now imagine that you have to carry each of these boxes up 5 flights of stairs. Chances are you will spend much more energy carrying the heavy metal box versus the lightweight plastic option. This same principle applies to large scale product transportation. The use of lightweight plastic in industrial packaging puts less stress on fleet vehicles and enables drivers to get more mileage out of every trip. Using lightweight packaging can decrease gas costs and save energy during transportation methods.

Working with L-S Industries

The responsible and ethical use of plastic is of the utmost importance at L-S Industries. Our green and sustainable packaging is ideal for consumers looking to purchase high-quality plastic packaging while leaving a small environmental footprint. With the option to choose between custom or standard products, L-S Industries is guaranteed to meet your plastics needs. Contact us today and learn how our packaging solutions can benefit your business.