Sustainable Packaging Green & Sustainable Packaging Solutions

L-S Industries, Inc. provides a number of products that qualify as “green” or sustainable packaging products. Sustainability is preserving people, resources, and the planet through social, environmental, and economically responsible decision making. These products are made with recyclable HDPE or Polypropylene corrugated plastic and the fact that these items can be used over and over again make them sustainable.

How do corrugated plastic products help your company?

Long-term cost savings
To offset up-front investment in reusable packaging, you may see as many as 50 – 60 trips per package. How much would 50 fiberboard boxes cost you?  If you can close a return loop for reusable packaging, your company will realize significant savings in your packaging budget.

Custom or Standard Products
We’ll work with you to find the best packaging option, whether it is selected from our standard products or custom designed to your specific needs.

Environmental concerns
Products that would normally be disposed of after one use are now being reused by many large companies. Even corrugated boxes that are recycled require more energy to recycle them than to produce new boxes from virgin fiber.

Safety and maintenance
Many conveyor systems get contaminated with fiber dust from corrugated boxes, creating down time and conveyor jams.  Plastic containers leave no residue or contamination on conveyor and package handling systems.



We offer many styles of custom reusable packaging, for in-house handling or for shipping to customers and other facilities.  We will work with your own design concepts, or we’ll help you design a packkaging system to meet your specific needs.

Contact us to speak to one of our custom packaging specialists.