EXPORTGUARD is the best product for protecting your wire and cable in the most demanding shipping and handling situations. Our Heat-scored EXPORTGUARD is our most protective reel wrap and has many advantages over other products being used to protect wire, cable, tubes, and other products shipped overseas on reels. 

  • Similar to the heat-scored CABLEGUARD, EXPORTGUARD is much heavier, thus providing protection for extreme shipping and handling siutations.
  • When laminated with foam, EXPORTGUARD often replaces wood lagging, thus dramatically reducing packaging cost and improving worker safety. 
  • When supplied with foam, a weather-resistant seal is provided at the flange. 
  • Weather-proof and recyclable. 

Heat-scored EXPORTGUARD makes sense for many reasons, these are the main four:


Significant cost savings over wood lagging options (both in material cost and labor to apply). You can ship out more reels in a given time frame. Customers are reporting 50% to 60% savings over traditional wood lagging options when you factor in the labor savings. This will help you lower your bids on new projects.

EXPORTGUARD is lighter than most wood lagging options too so you will see additional savings in your outbound freight costs.

Short lead times and low minimums allow you to order this material only when you need it.

This is made in the U.S.A. and ships from our Knoxville, TN plant.


This material is much less labor intensive to apply than nailing 2×4’s or plywood to the edge of the flanges

Takes injury-prone tools like nailers and staplers out of employees hands and eliminates the need to cut down wood products on site.

Much easier for the customer to take off the reel in the field as well

EXPORTGUARD is completely weather-resistant, meaning it will arrive in the same condition it was sent in. Plywood and 2×4’s will weather and splinter, causing issues for customers during removal.


This material is a completely recyclable material (base material is RIS code 5, product with foam can be recycled as RIS code 7) where wood products have to be burned or disposed of.


Material resists moisture, as well as most chemicals, and protects your product from the Sun’s UV rays

Foam laminated to the underside overlaps the width of the plastic wrap to create a tight seal up against the reel flanges keeping water and moisture away from the cable.

Excellent impact protection; you can even be wrapped around twice and still costs less than most heat-treated lumber options.

EXPORTGUARD adds a clean, professional look to your reels




NEMA Approved

AS OF 2015* EXPORTGUARD will be listed as an approved level 5 material in the NEMA reel packaging standards.

EXPORTGUARD looks great and lasts much longer than most of the alternatives on the market. It stays in place and stands up to all elements. Water will not damage it and it can stand up to the heat and/or cold for months, if not years.