Meet Our Materials

Meet Our Materials

Here at L-S Industries, we pride ourselves on being experts on everything plastic. From coil packaging to totes, trays, and bins, our skills span across a wide range of available services. While you may be familiar with our products, you may not know the exact type of material we use to create sturdy and reliable packaging. Our quality material is perfect for packing, storage solutions, and industrial use and can be customized to suit any need. Take a moment to get to know our materials and how we use them to create some of the best products on the market today.

Corrugated Plastic

Perhaps one of the most common types of material, corrugated plastic is useful in a wide variety of applications. The term ‘corrugated plastic’ is an umbrella term that covers a few different types of plastic. L-S Industries offers all subsets of this plastic, including polypropylene profile board, polyethylene single face, and polyethylene double face, in sheets or rolls for any number of business solutions. Some common examples of corrugated plastic in action include the creation of postal totes, tree guards, and even recycling bins. A major benefit of this material is that it can be customized to fit any need with the help of an L-S Industries specialist.

Corrugated Kraft

With a similar structure to corrugated plastic, it can be easy to confuse the two materials. However, corrugated kraft is known by most as a type of cardboard. This sturdy material can be easily converted into packing boxes and bins to use for storage or inventory management. We offer our corrugated kraft in both sheets and single face rolls, which can be used in a variety of solutions.

Closed-Cell Foam

When it comes time to move into a new apartment or ship a valuable item, you can trust closed-cell foam to provide excellent cushion control during heavy movement. This lightweight material is perfect for transportation solutions while offering maximum mobility protection. In addition to the competitive pricing for our closed-cell foam, L-S Industries offers the material in both rolls and sheets for purchase.

“Class A” Protective Materials

Our range of protective fabrics are made to protect your assets from damage associated with standard packaging materials. Items that are coated with paint, chrome, and stipple finishes can be worn from abrasion during transportation and the use of protective fabrics helps to minimize that damage. L-S Industries offers popular Class A protective materials including spun bound, brushed nylon, Tyvek, and Evolon to suit a wide variety of business needs.

XF Film

This patented material is known for being incredibly strong, co-extruded, and cross-laminated for use in a large assortment of plastic solutions. With superior performance and competitive pricing, XF Film can be converted using sealing, gluing, lamination, coating, and so much more. The film is especially useful for agricultural needs and can be utilized to aid environmental landscaping, plant lining, or aquatic vegetation.

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If one of our materials caught your eye for your next packaging project, give us a call. L-S Industries prides itself on the ability to customize materials to fit any project while providing superb customer service. Speak with a specialist today to start finding your next plastics solution.