Plastic Sheets

Plastic corrugated sheets are primarily used in the sign industry. You see it used for real estate or political signs on every street corner. Plastic corrugated is used in many other applications due to its lightweight and weather-resistance, like returnable packaging.

Types of Plastic Corrugated Sheets

PP Profile Board

Profile board is extruded out of a die and the die can be changed out to increase the thickness and weight of the board. It is available from 2mm to 25mm thick.

PE Double-face

Double-face is extruded similarly to kraft corrugated where 3 layers are extruded separately and the middle layer goes over a corrugator giving it that C-flute look. The material weight can be adjusted by speeding up or slowing down the extruder.

PE Single-face

Single-face is extruded the same as double-face, the bottom layer is just turned off giving you a more light-weight, flexible material. The material weight can be adjusted by speeding up or slowing down the extruder.


Profile board makes a perfect surface for printing. The material is lightweight and metal stakes fit perfectly inside the flutes.


Plastic corrugated is lightweight and weather-resistant making it great for forming totes. Plastic sheets are die-cut and folded up to create a custom form. You can generally create the exact size and color you need without significant tooling costs.


Plastic corrugated is also perfect for forming returnable boxes. Closing your supply chain loop and reusing boxes will lead to long term cost savings and reduce your carbon footprint.


Hopper bins, or shelf bins, are a long-term solution vs. corrugated. Plastic corrugated lasts longer due to its moisture and resistance to chemicals. It also comes in a variety of colors for color-coding and can be easily customized to maximize your shelf space.

Recycle Bins

Plastic corrugated recycle bins are great for your collection needs. They will last longer than a cardboard bin and cost much less than a wood or metal structure.

Partition Sets & Pads

Partition sets are often used in returnable packaging. Plastic corrugated is light weight but more durable than cardboard giving you longer life out of your packaging. Plastic corrugated can also be cleaned if needed.

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