plastic corrugated roll

Plastic Corrugated Rolls

Plastic corrugated is primarily known for its use in the sign industry. Plastic corrugated is an extruded material and can be run in rolls as well for a variety of applications.
The rolls generally do not vary in thickness but in product weight. It is measured by how many pounds of plastic are extruded per manufactured square foot. L-S Industries offers multiple types of plastic corrugated, as well as the ability to laminate foams, fabrics, and printed films. While these rolls are perfect for protecting products that are round, there are many more applications in which rolled plastic corrugated can be used.

Protective Reel Wraps

Rolled plastic corrugated is the perfect material to protect reels of wire or cable. It's easy to apply and provides protection against impact during transit.

Protective Export Wraps

Plastic corrugated is easily applied around coils of aluminum or steel to protect the surface from dents and dings during shipment.

Protective Pipe Wrap

Plastic corrugated with foam is an excellent material to protect long down-hole pipes during shipment. It saves time and money vs. packing in wood crates.

Tree Wraps

Rolls can be cut down to form a small wrap that protects young trees from damage. Pesticides, herbicides, animals, and machines all pose a threat to young trees.

Other Applications

Rolled plastic corrugated can be used for so many applications. The fact that you can cut off exactly how much you need gives you the flexibility to create just about anything.

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