L-S Industries: Converting Capabilities

L-S Industries specializes in cutting, laminating, heat-sealing, and sonic welding. Along with quick turnaround times, we have converting experience with a variety of materials for several different industries and applications. Our experts can help you select the right material for your application. Corrugated plastic, corrugated paper, polyethylene foam, plastic film, Evolon, fiberboard, linerboard, and chipboard are some of the products we convert and fabricate in high volumes.


Traditional shapes can be cut with a saw and custom shapes, or patterns can be die-cut with precision. We also specialize in cutting rolled products to specified widths and lengths. Some of our common shapes include: Squares/Rectangles, Circles/Donuts, Octagon/Hexagons, as well as other custom shapes.


Spray laminators allow us to combine multiple materials and create a custom product for you. We can do this in full sheet, custom shape, or rolled form. Lamination can be done on one or both sides of sheeted or rolled materials.

In addition to basic lamination, we have the ability to laminate materials of different shapes together. For example, in coil covers for the metals industry, we laminate a rolled product to the edge of a circle, creating a package to completely protect the top of the metal coil from getting moisture inside.


Sonic-welding is primarily used in the manufacturing of corrugated plastic totes, trays, bins, and boxes. This process uses ultrasonic sound waves to adhere to the corrugated plastic material together. This provides an ultra-strong bond when assembling corrugated plastic totes and corrugated plastic boxes and bins. A die-cut form is folded around a wire rim and sonic-welded in place. This creates a light-weight, yet durable product for handling documents, fruit or vegetable harvesting, and many other applications. These welds are very durable and help create reusable packaging products.

Heat Sealing

Heat-sealing provides a strong bond between two materials, usually plastic, and can be used to assemble products, like RSC boxes.

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L-S Industries has the converting capabilities that your business needs. Our experts have a working knowledge of what materials work best in certain situations and can help you select the right materials that meet your needs and budgets. Contact L-S Industries today for questions regarding how our converting services could help you.