3 Reasons Every Student Should Own a Campus Cruiser

3 Reasons Every Student Should Own a Campus Cruiser

College move-in is never easy. Dorms are swamped with parents and students carrying mini-fridges or TVs and moving carts always seem to be in short supply. In this chaos, it can be difficult to think of a solution to make the process as stress-free as possible. Fortunately, L-S Industries created the Campus Cruiser as a solution to this frustrating dilemma. For 3 simple reasons, the Campus Cruiser will change your move-in day from confusing mess to zero stress.

  1. Durability

Student housing is not known for being spacious. Cardboard boxes can be easily broken or fall apart, spilling your belongings on a busy dormitory floor. Luckily, the Campus Cruiser is built to endure a tough move. With sidewalls made of tough honeycomb polypropylene, your belongings are safely contained inside the cart without the fear of breakage. This weather-resistant material is built to hold a maximum weight of 300 lb. and can be easily maneuvered while being packed to the brim.

  1. Cart Size

The Campus Cruiser is the ideal size for small student living. The width of the cart measures at 28”, has a carrying space of up to 17.8 cubic feet, and fits through any standard door and elevator. The size of the cart is ideal for navigating through crowded dormitories while protecting your items. In addition to easy maneuverability, the Campus Cruiser is completely collapsible. This special feature allows any student to fold it into a flat shape, store it during the semester, and reassemble for move-out day.

  1. Reusable

Not only is the Campus Cruiser durable, but the material will stand against the test of time. With the collapsibility feature, students can use the cart multiple times without sacrificing quality. After graduation, the Campus Cruiser can still be useful for years to come. Whether it’s used in the home, in the office, or for special projects, this cart will provide the solution to any moving difficulties.

The Campus Cruiser is a smart investment for any student or parent who dreads the moving process. Our carts are guaranteed to take the stress out of your next move-in day and provide the solution to your item transportation issues. Contact L-S Industries today to discover why Campus Cruiser is right for you.