3 Key Features of Plastic

3 Key Features of Plastic

Plastic has been changing the world since its development in the early 20th century. While it may have had humble beginnings, the science behind plastic has grown exponentially.  Plastic now has the ability to utilize a wide variety of resins and polymer bases to create different properties for each material. Whatever the specific strain of plastic, here are three key features that have cemented this material as a major aid in our modern society.

Use in Electronic Products

When most people think of electronics, the idea of sleek metal and crack-prone glass comes to mind. However, many electronic products are made with plastic components. The main reason for this is the price point of working with plastic versus traditional materials like metal or glass. Using plastic allows electronic producers to sell items at a reasonable cost while ensuring the durability of a new device.

Lightweight Properties

The use of plastic in packaging material reduces the overall weight and cost of supply chain operations. When looking for lightweight alternatives to traditional packaging methods, many consumers may opt for flimsy cardboard or heavy and cumbersome metal. Plastic provides a useful alternative while still offering the lightweight properties for which the material is known. The decrease in weight can benefit consumers and business leaders by reducing overall transportation costs and decrease the level of manpower needed for a job.

Aerospace and Plastic

While it may have been a pipe dream in the past, air travel is part of regular life in the 21st century. Planes are made with durable materials that guarantee the safety of in-flight passengers. However, air travel can be expensive and a heavy plane uses more fuel than a lighter one. Engineers have started to utilize plastic to create durable, but lightweight planes to maximize fuel efficiency. Whether it means using plastic in the cockpit or creating lightweight seating in the cabin, plastic can help reduce air travel costs and maximize fuel usage for long term travel.

Packaging With The Pros

One of the major benefits of plastic is the ability to custom design products to suit a variety of needs. The professionals at L-S Industries have a vast amount of experience in creating plastics solutions for every type of project. Whether you’re looking for totes and bins or large scale coil packaging, contact an L-S Industries specialist today to see how we can help you.