Get To Know Our Protective and Packaging Products

L-S Industries provides protective materials and packaging products for every industry imaginable. We are dedicated to ensuring your products are as protected as possible, which means most of our products are custom designed to fit each of our customers’ needs. Want to find out which kind of protective or packaging product will work best for your product? Keep reading to learn more about what we can accomplish for your protective and packaging needs.

Reel Protection: Protecting Wire, Cable, and Flexible Pipe on Reels

For over 30 years, L-S Industries has specialized in protecting wire, cable, and flexible pipe. This experience has helped us provide our customers with the very best set of options in the wire and cable industry, including: drum wrap, flange liners, and placards made of many materials or solid sheets of HDPE. We also offer reel wrap in both CableGuard and Exportguard. Most of our materials can be combined to create the exact protecting you need to ensure your product gets from point A to point B, safely.

Coil Packaging: Coil Covers, Coil Caps, Coil Pads, and Export Wrap

Did you know that our roots are in coil packaging? In fact, L-S Industries first started producing innovative coil covers, in the flat-rolled steel and aluminum coil industry, in 1971 under the name Lestra, Inc. Today we still offer a wide variety of light-duty and highly protective packaging solutions for both flat-rolled and coiled products, but we now also offer other products for coil packaging such as poly bags (with or without VCI), desiccant packs, moisture indicator cards, strapping, our extra protective and custom cut export wrap, as well as other packaging products. No matter what type or level of coil packaging you need, our custom coiled wire packaging products, offered in a variety of materials, are sure to fit your needs and your budget. For a full sampling of our coil packaging products, visit our coil packaging page.  

Sustainable Packaging: Green and Reusable Packaging Solutions

Utilizing sustainable packaging is a great way to help the environment — and your long-term budget! With the environment and different business needs in mind, L-S Industries is proud to provide companies and clients with a variety of “green” or reusable packaging products. Qualifying as sustainable packaging products, our green packaging products can be used over and over again and are made with recyclable HDPE or polypropylene corrugated plastic. Take a peek at our reusable packaging page to learn more about the different benefits of using sustainable packaging, including: long-term budget, the environment, and the safety and maintenance of package handling systems.   

Totes, Trays, and Bins: Plastic Products and Containers

Looking for a cost-effective, strong, lightweight, and reusable replacement for cardboard, fiberboard, or molded plastic? Look no further than our corrugated plastic totes, trays, and recycling bins. Along with being lightweight and strong, each of these products make handling or storing materials, products, and parts easy and efficient. Easily integrated into manufacturing, material handling, distribution, and product protection systems, our plastic corrugated totes come in hundreds of variations of size, color, and reinforcement strengths, but they’re also resistant to many common working conditions, such as: weather, chemicals, and dust. Learn more about the features and customization of our postal style totes, trays, and recycling bins.  

Class-A Protective Fabrics: Spun-Bound, Brushed Nylon, Tyvek, Evolon, PE Foam

L-S Industries has everything the automotive industry (and more!) needs to protect Class A surfaces and cosmetically sensitive parts. Whether it’s spunbond or brushed nylon, Evolon, Tyvek, closed cell foam, or cross linked polyethylene foam laminated to corrugated plastic or fiberboard, we have the protective fabric or material you seek. To find the best fabric-based protective barrier for your needs, check our sample images or give us a call with your requirements.

Campus Cruiser: The University Move-In and Move-Out Aid

Move-in and move-out day on college campuses can be defined as a full day carrying your belongings — or your child’s — to and from your car, up and down multiple flights of stairs (or elevators, if you’re lucky) and into or out your dorm room or apartment (or office, if you’re a staff member). Reduce those trips and your time spent moving with the Campus Cruiser! This weather-resistant cart can help you move in or out in record time, thanks to its smooth-moving swivel casters. The best part, however, is that this moving cart is completely collapsible! That’s right, the sidewalls detach and store flat, which means storage of the Campus Cruiser move-in aid requires a fraction of the storage space of traditional bins on wheels.

Don’t See What You Need? Contact Us!

With the capabilities we have, our product possibilities are almost endless. We have created unique products like recycle bins, shooting range target backers, reusable slip sheets, mattress backers, and storm panels. We are an excellent source for other materials such as corrugated kraft sheets or rolls, thermal wrap and plastic wrap for use as vapor barriers, and closed-cell foam, which can be used for many applications. Our laminating capabilities provide combinations of materials created for customers’ specific needs.  We also sell conventional materials like plastic corrugated sheets or rolls, corner boards, edge protectors, chipboard sheets, and poly sheeting.

If our wide range of products still leave something to be desired, check out our custom packaging solutions to see if we can put something together to meet your specific needs.