Why the Campus Cruiser is Essential for College Move-In Day

Chances are, if you’re organizing a move-in day at your university,  you know just how painstaking and time-consuming the process can be. With hundreds or thousands of students moving into the same place at once, tight hallways, elevators, and small doorways can make move-in day burdensome for your student families and support staff.

That’s where the Campus Cruiser comes in. Luckily, L-S Industries offers the Campus Cruiser to expedite and simplify college move-in day. Our Campus Cruiser is a collapsible cart designed to speed up college move-ins and move-outs. With the Campus Cruiser, you can get your students through the process quickly and easily, reduce traffic in congested areas of campus, and safely complete the moving process. When you’re done, collapse your Campus Cruisers for easy and convenient storage. Here are three reasons why you need the Campus Cruiser for move-in day.

  1. It Works in Any Weather

The Campus Cruiser is weather-resistant, so no matter what your move-in day looks like, you don’t have to worry about your cruiser falling apart under harsh conditions like rain or snow.

  1. It’s Easy to Maneuver

Most simple moving carts are difficult to handle with a heavy or bulky load, but our cruiser is strategically designed to be easy to maneuver and provide maximum stability. The Campus Cruiser’s swivel casters make it easily transportable and manageable across long stretches of campus. Don’t stress about making it around sharp corners with our easily workable, tip-resistant moving cart. Not to mention, you’ll never have worry about squeezing through doorways, because the Campus Cruiser has a maximum width of 28”, which fits through all standard doorways and elevators.

  1. It’s Simple to Store

When you’re through moving in, easily detach the sidewalls of your Campus Cruisers. L-S Industries understands that storage space on campus is extremely limited, so we designed our cruiser to store completely flat. We consider our Campus Cruiser to be green and sustainable because you can easily reconstruct it for use year after year, and the walls are completely recyclable.

Make Move-In Day Manageable

College move-in day can be stressful for a lot of reasons, but don’t let getting students’ belongings from point A to point B be one of them. Let your students spend their time getting to know the campus and enjoying the excitement of moving to college instead of stressing over the anxiety of actually moving in.